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What is the status of the Corona virus in Iceland?
 All restrictions have now been lifted.  For a full, up to date information, please visit the official Icelandic Covid 19 website:  https://www.covid.is/english
Why do I have to pay up front?
If paid by credit card the whole amount is due at booking. If you use bank transfer you only need to pay a 20% deposit.  4 weeks prior to your rental period all remaining fees and  taxes are due. Therefore if booking is made within 4 weeks of your rental period, all the quoted amount is due. 
When are the highland roads open for traffic?
The highland season is different from one year to another.  If it is a cold winter with a lot of snow you can expect a late opening, but after a mild winter, you often can travel there early spring but the highlands are usually closed November - April and again during thawing of ice in June. A safe bet would therefore be July, August and September but after mid Oktober you can expect snow and high winds.
What is the difference beween CDW (standard) and SCDW (full) insurance?

The two have the same damage coverage but differ in own risk. The SCDW also includes gravel protection.

CDW: Standard insurance. Own risk pr. insured incident ISK 375.000,00   Gravel protection is an option at booking for 18 EUR pr. day.

SCDW: Full insurance. Own risk pr. insured incident ISK 75.000,00 + gravel protection included, worth 18 EUR pr day, own risk for each headlight and windscreen damage lowered to ISK 25.000,00 

For further information see our "Terms and conditions" on the bottom of this page.

What is included; linen, cutlery, towels etc.?

            In each camper; Full kitchen with pots, pans, cutlery, espresso coffee maker, diswasher fluid, wiping cloths and chemicals for the toilets.                                    

            You can order bedcovers, pillows, linens and towels and furhter accessories at booking.

Tips regarding driving in Iceland

Iceland has so many things to give and so many wonderful things to see, but at the same time Iceland can be very unforgiving to anyone that is not careful whilst driving.

There are few things that you should be aware of when driving in Iceland:

Gravel roads - There are many gravel roads in Iceland. Often they come straight after a nice asphalt road with a sign that can be easy to miss. If you drive fast onto a gravel road and the car starts to turn – slow down steadily and don't panic.

F-roads - The F stands for low maintenance gravel road where only 4x4 vehicles are suitable. Normal 2WD rental vehicles are not allowed on F-roads and in some cases the roads are so bad (tracks) that standard 4x4 rental vehicles are not allowed either. No isurance covers damage to vehicles damaged due to bad F-road condition which means that you enter them at own risk.

Rivers - You may have to cross rivers and streams if you are planning a trip to the highlands in a 4x4. However, you are crossing them at your own risk. No insurance covers water damages and they can be very expensive.

Seat belts - are required by law both in front and backseats of the car. Most serious accidents are related to drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts.

Maximum speed - is 90 km/h on regular roads and 80 km/h on gravel roads. However, always drive according to the circumstances and in a way you feel comfortable with!

Sheep in Iceland roam around freely  -  They don't know the traffic rules and might sprint across the road in front of your car. Hitting a sheep is dangerous and will result in damages to the car and sheep. No insurance covers damages caused by animals.

Off Roading  -  All driving outside of marked roads or tracks is stricktly forbidden. Icelandic nature is very fragile and wheel tracks make a mark on the surface which often are visible for many years and are also a new way for water to run causing even more damage. Everyone caught has to pay high fines and damage repair cost. Don´t ruin your holiday and don´t ruin our precious nature.

Traffic signs - In Iceland some traffic signs are unique. You may not have seen them before. Please acquaint yourself with them.

Here are some useful links about driving in Iceland:

Travel Safety Tips from the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue

Today´s road condition 

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