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RV Rental Iceland

We are a small family owned business, established in 1989. We love what we do and we hope you can feel it in our service and our vehicles. We care!

Our vehicles and campers are especially customized for the Icelandic highlands. We take no shortcuts when we prepare a vehicle; only the best is good enough for you and your family, in vehicle quality, campers, interiors, extras and service.

There is no way better to share Iceland with a loved one or a friend, and we want your trip to be perfect!

If you reserve an airport pick up, usually the owner himself welcomes you in the arrival hall at Keflavik airport and drives you to the rental station for a 1 hour lesson, because we do not hand over a vehicle until we are assured you understand all the features involved. And then we wave you off. 

If you book an airport drop-off we get you there after inspecting the vehicle at the rental station. This way both parties can comunicate about the vehicle, what needs to be checked for our next customer and especially we want your opinion on how we could improve our service before your next visit.

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We are different and we are proud of it. We look forward to ad your name to our portfolio of great customers.
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About Us

Opening hours:  08:00 - 18:00

Name: RVR ehf                               

Address: Jonsvor 5                      

City: Vogar                                

ZIP: 190, Iceland

Telephone: (+354) 555 4733  

Email: rvr@rvr.is                           

Facebook: Hello Iceland