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Terms and conditions

Age, driving license and driving skills.
1) The lessee/driver must be at least 35 years old, less than 70 years old and have a driver license held for at least five years.
 It is your responsibility to choose a journey and a vehicle that is within your capabilities. We can - and will - refuse to rent a vehicle to any person who is in our opinion unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances we will have no further liability to you.
Method of payment.
2) By Visa or Mastercard credit card or bank transfer. Full payment only when paid by credit card. If order is made 5 weeks or more prior to rental period; 20%  deposit when using bank transfer. Final payment at least 4 weeks prior to start of rental period or booking may be cancelled.  See "19)" regarding cancellation and refund. If a credit card is used, it must be in lessees name and presented along with voucher at rental station.
Taxes, insurance and extras: A credit card verification will be requested by the card issuer for EUR 2,500.00 which may be used to pay all extra charges, including parking tickets, road tolls, damages, tank refill or any cost due to the use of the rented vehicle. This verification is accepted by the card holder with his/her signature/pin.
Obligations of the lessee.
3) The lessee agrees to the provisions of the lease, signs it and receives a copy of it.
4) The lessee will return the vehicle:
a) With all attachments, including tires, tools, documents and other items that were in or on the vehicle at the start of rental, in the same condition as upon reception, except for normal wear and tear from use. If something is missing the lessee agrees that the cost price of individual items that are absent when the vehicle is returned will be charged to his or her credit card. The same applies if extra parts that came with the vehicle are missing upon the vehicle’s return or if returned in an unsatisfactory condition (Euro 120 would incur when Campers is returned dirty inside), i.e. these items will be charged to the lessee´s credit card.
b) fuel tank full, toilet cassette empty and clean, grey water tank empty, exterior clean enough for damage inspection, wiped clean inside, all trash, luggage and food removed and any damaged items open for display, not hidden or stowed away.  Lessee agrees that any cost due to damaged interior in car or camper, or if returned dirty inside, stained or with odour needing extra cleaning and/or chemical treatment will be charged to his/her credit card.
5) If the lessee violates the terms of this contract or does not return the vehicle at the time agreed according to the lease, or does not declare his/her intention to extend the lease, the lessor or the police are authorized to repossess the vehicle without further notice and at the lessee´s cost. Extending the lease is dependent on the consent of the lessor. If the lessee returns the vehicle 1 hour or later after the lease has expired, the lessor is authorized to demand up to 24-hours rental under the terms of the lease. For every day that begins thereafter, lessor may collect all charges as per the lessor’s pricelist.
6) If marked as such in the rental contract, the vehicle is allowed on all main F-roads. However; Driving off-road, on roads with no road number or tracks (F-marked tracks included) is forbidden (Track: unofficial road of dirt, rocky terrain or sand, typically made by horses or tractors). A breach of this article authorizes lessor to collect fines from the lessee, equaling the amount of own-risk as stated in lessors pricelist at any given time. The aforementioned provision on fines does not affect the lessee’s liability regarding damage. A map showing all tracks which are of limits is included in the rental. Lessor informs the Lessee of how to use it and that when driving in forbidden areas he/she does so on his/her own risk, without any insurance. 
7) The vehicle shall be handled and driven carefully. Only those named as drivers on the first page of the agreement are authorized to drive the automobile. If lessee drops off the vehicle at different location than stated in this rental agreement the lessor is allowed to charge lessee according to the lessor’s pricelist for the cost caused from fetching the vehicle. If the vehicle is not returned with a full fuel tank lessor is authorized to charge the lessee for refuelling the vehicle at Euro 30 + fuel cost. The lessee is liable for damage resulting from use of the automobile for which no compensation will be paid by the insurance company. This includes damages to the automobile and/or injury to passengers due to the following:
a) Off-road driving, for example, in paths and tracks, on beaches, in areas only accessible during low tide, or in other trackless areas.
b) Vehicle use that contravenes Icelandic law and/or the provisions of the lease or driving under the influence of any intoxicants.
c) Driving in or across rivers or any kind of waterways. Such driving is totally the responsibility of the lessee.
d) Driving in banks of snow and ice.

 8) In the event of a collision or accident the lessee shall immediately notify the incident to the lessor, the appropriate police authorities or firm that takes care of making accident statements. It is the lessees sole responsibility that such statement is made in all cases of collision or accident.

9) The number of kilometers (km) that the vehicle is driven while the lease is in force is determined by reading a normal odometer supplied with the vehicle by the manufacturer. The lessee shall notify the lessor as soon as possible if the odometer is out of order or stops functioning during the term of the lease.
10) The lessor is not responsible for the disappearance of or damage to property that the lessee or any other party leaves in or transports with the vehicle. The lessee agrees to pay the lessor, upon request:
a) a deposit amounting to the estimated cost of hiring the car.
b) any and all expenses incurred by the lessor if he has to bring the vehicle back to his premises, in the event that it has been left somewhere without supervision, without regard to condition of the vehicle, the roads or the weather.
11) The lessee is not authorized to have repairs done or make changes to the vehicle or its accessories, or to put the vehicle up as any kind of security, without the prior consent of the lessor.
12) The lessee is liable for all parking meter charges and fines for breaking traffic laws.
13) The lessor reserves the right to collect a charge from the lessee, charged against his or her credit card, according to lessor´s pricelist, lessor has to pay fines for the lessee and/or inform the authorities about the lessee because of traffic violations. The lessee is not authorized to use the vehicle to transport passengers for payment, lend it to others, or sublease it.
Obligations of the Lessor.
14) The lessor undertakes to supply the vehicle at the agreed time and see to that it meets the demands made for it. If the vehicle ordered is not available at the start of rental period, the lessor can replace it with a comparable vehicle or higher rated without any extra cost to the lessee.
15) If the vehicle malfunctions, the lessor shall repair the vehicle or supply the lessee with a comparable vehicle as soon as possible. If the damage is minor, the lessee is authorized to have repairs done on the vehicle after obtaining the lessors consent.
16) The lessor shall inform the lessee of the content of the agreement particularly as regards the obligations that the lessee undertakes by signing it.
17) The lessor shall inform the foreign lessee regarding Icelandic traffic regulations, traffic signs, and regulations banning off-road driving. The lessor shall particularly point out the dangers stemming from animals on the roads.
18) If the lessor wants to limit the use of the vehicle with regard to its equipment and/or conditions, this shall be done in writing when the lease is signed. The lessor undertakes to maintain valid liability insurance for his business operations.
Cancellation Policy.
19) If order is cancelled at least 31 days before start of renting period you get full refund except for registration fee of €500. If cancelled 30-22 days before start of renting period you forfeit 25% + €500, 15-21 days,  you forfeit 50% + €500,  8-14 days you forfeit 75% + €500 and cancelled within 8 days you get no refund. 
If cancellation is sent by e-mail, time determined is when e-mail is received and confirmed, not the time sent.
Travel insurance.
We strongly recommend that our clients take out the highest level of travel insurance. In many cases this will cover any losses incurred if you are forced to cancel your booking and also minimizes your own risk in case of incidents not covered by the car´s insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry.
For an example of incidents not insured:
Diesel engine repair cost due to a damage while crossing a river + rescue cost can easily exceed € 10.000,-
A complete damage, car + camper in the same situation + rescue cost could exceed € 120.000,-
See further about insurance terms at the bottom of this page.
Booking / changes / rescheduling.
 Upon receipt of your confirmation/voucher, please check your details carefully and notify us immediately if there are any incorrect details, as it may not be possible to make changes at a later date. Any change made to a booking after confirmation costs €25 each time, non refundable. 
If you book via phone, please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the vehicle you wish to rent first. Our reservations consultant will ask you if you have read the terms and agree to them before proceeding. The onus is always on the lessee to ensure they make themselves fully aware of the terms displayed on our website.
Vehicle Capacity and fitness to drive.
Under no circumstances are you permitted to carry more passengers than the vehicle you rent is legally registered to carry, and if you do your insurance may be invalidated. It is your responsibility to choose a journey and a vehicle that is within your capabilities. We can - and will - refuse to rent a vehicle to any person who is in our opinion unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances we will have no further liability to you.
  RVR  Insurance terms
1)The lease sum/rental fee includes mandatory vehicle insurance and CDW insurance which specifies the amount deductible in each instance of loss. including liability insurance and accident insurance for the driver and the owner.
2)Third-party liability insurance will consist of the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at any given time.
3) Each own-risk only applies to one incident. In instances of more damage that obviously did not occur at one and the same time,each own-risk CDW applies to only one incident.
CDW (Collission Damage Waiver):
CDW is included in all rates.
If the Lessee is responsible for damages he/she must pay estimated repair and/or recovery price, though not exceeding ISK 375.000,00 for each incident if covered by insurance.
Self risk in case of window damages
The Lessee is responsible for max. ISK 80.000,-  for each damaged vehicle headlight or window. Optional "Gravel protection" lowers the self risk to ISK 25.000 for each incident when damage is caused by gravel being throwned in the air by a passing vehicle.
SCDW (Super kasko) insurance pack:
It is possible to buy Super-CDW insurance which reduces the own risk of the original CDW down to ISK 75.000,00 . Also included in SCDW is gravel protection, with ISK 25.000,- self risk pr. incident, that covers damage to windscreen and headlights when gravel or stones get thrown in the air by a passing car.
Gravel protection.
Lessee can buy a special gravel protection (included in SCDW insurance) which lowers own risk when vehicle's windscreen and/or headlights are damaged due to stones or gravel thrown into the air by a passing vehicle. Own risk in that case is maximized at 25.000 ISK for each incident.
This Collision Damage Waiver - CDW does not cover:
a) Intentional damage or damage due to gross negligence on the part of the driver.
b) Damage resulting from the driver being under the influence of alcohol, stimulants or sedatives, or in any other way incapable of driving the vehicle in safe manner.
c) Damage due to race or test driving.
d) Damage due to war, revolution, civil unrest or riots.
e) Damage done by animals.
f) Holes burned into seats, carpets or mats.
g) Damage affecting only wheels, tires, suspension, batteries, glass (other than windows), radios, or loss by theft of parts of the vehicle and damage resulting from this.
h) Damage caused by driving on rough roads to the vehicles transmission, drive, other parts that are in or attached to the chassis; damage to the chassis resulting from scraping the bottom on rough roads as a result of ridges being left by the road graders; stones lodged in the road surface or on the shoulder of the road. The same applies to damage occurring when stones are thrown up, striking the underside of the vehicle during driving.
i) Damages resulting from driving off the official road system, such as paths, tracks, banks of snow, ice, unbridged rivers or streams, beaches, places only accessible at low tide, or other trackless areas.
j) Damages caused by sand, gravel, ash, pumice, or other kinds of earth material being blown onto the vehicle.
k) If the vehicle is transported by sea, no compensation will be paid for damage caused by sea spray/seawater.
l) Damage to vehicles caused uncareful driving on roads marked with an F in public maps as well as driving on Kjölur (Road 35) or Kaldidalur (road 550)
m) Lessee´s loss because of the vehicle being stolen.
n) Water damage to the vehicle.
In other instances, reference is made to the general conditions for accident/all-risks insurance.
General provisions:
1)Insurance: Third party liability insurance shall be equivalent to the amount stipulated by Icelandic law each time. The lessee is totally responsible for any and all damage to the car. By purchasing Collision Damage Waiver - CDW the lessee can insure himself against the disbursement of the driver liability; the amount of the own-risk fee is according to lessor´s pricelist at given time and is also stated on the front side of this rental agreement. If lessee has already purchased CDW insurance he/she is able to purchase SCDW insurance and by doing so further lower the own-risk.
2) However, no insurance covers damages to the underside of the rented vehicle or damages due to driving through rivers or any kind of waterfall. CDW and SCDW do not cover such damages. Such damages are always the lessee’s full responsibility.
 (Signed by both parties.)

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