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RV Rental Iceland - all the way


                            We proudly offer you the best 4x4 rental campers in Iceland.


In our 4x4 campers you can equally experience the highlands as all the main attractions in full comfort, leaving you with great memories you can share with your friends and loved ones.

Visiting Iceland is often a once in a lifetime adventure, and therefore it should be perfect.

Join our group of satisfied customers and have your own arctic adventures, northern lights experience, volcano tours or highland scenery trips in full comfort and safety.


Mynd frá Hello Iceland.



    4x4 camper rental  #1


    By choosing RV Rental, there are a lot of benefits you can avail, including:

  •  Relaxation and rest, away from it all,
  •  Freedom to discover your own way,
  •  Power to travel through the most exciting spots which bus travellers can´t,
  •  No need to rush – stay where you want and as long as you want,
  •  Endless scenery,
  •  Clean and fresh air and water, absolutely free,
  •  Geothermal spots and natural pools, only accessible on 4x4´s,
  •  No junk food or noisy, smelly restaurants,
  •  No expensive hotel rooms or disturbing hotel staff,
  •  Go back home feeling you have ackomplished something great,
  •  Go back home feeling renurished and fully recharged.

Our vehicles are only available at the rental station in Hafnarfjordur, but you can order our low price pick-up and return to the airport or a hotel during office hours.

Most of our vehices are built for winter conditions, so you can enjoy the Northern Lights out in the wilderness and stay as long as you like without any disturbance. Winter booking is however only possible through the inquiry form below and only available to experienced drivers. 

If you have any questions regarding our service, simply send us an inquiry through the form below and we will respond within 24hrs.


We look forward to meet you and wish you a wonderful stay in Iceland.




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